The Young@Heart Scientific Council

The Scientific Council provides input to the board. Researchers (Postdoc – Assist. Prof) from all Dutch institutes are encouraged to apply for a position on the Scientific Council. As a member, you will participate in various committees that work on grant development, outreach, public relations, and (online) communication. Scientific council members are committed and active participation is expected. Representation of gender and institutes (UMC and non-UMC) is pursued, but not enforced.

Young@Heart organizes Council dinners twice per year to get together and discuss various topics in an informal setting in addition to our biannual events. Occasionally, we ask council members to join a specific meeting as well (e.g. brainstorm session for grant development).

To apply for a position in the council, please visit this page.


Mentor program

Scientific council members are available for mentoring of students as well. Their explicit availability is listed behind their name, but you may also request to be mentored by a council member who has not explicitly mentioned participation. If you are interested in the enrolling in the mentor program, visit this page.

Click the picture of a council member for more information via LinkedIn.


Stijn Agten (Mentor)
Ali Akyildiz
Siroon Bekkering (Mentor)
Geert Boink
Nils Bomer (Mentor)
Lena Bosch (Mentor)
Bas Boukens
Admir Dedic
Amanda Foks (Mentor)
Kim van der Heiden (Mentor)
Jordi Heijman (Mentor)
Maryam Kavousi (Mentor)
Joost Lumens
Frances de Man (Mentor)
Laura Meems (Mentor)
Wouter Meijers (Mentor)
Miranda Nabben (Mentor)
Yaël Nossent (Mentor)
Rik Olde Engberink (Mentor)
Atze van der Pol (Mentor)
Floris Schreuder (Mentor)
Mark Schuuring (Mentor)
Verena Schwach (Mentor)
Sailay Siddiqi
Judith Sluimer (Mentor)
Anthal Smits (Mentor)
Anke Tijsen
Job Verdonschot (Mentor)
Kak Khee Yeung (Mentor)
Peter-Paul Zwetsloot (Mentor)