Pre-event DCVA-NLHI conference 2022

“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”

Steve Jobs


The prelude to the 6th NLHI-DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting in Utrecht is hosted by Young@Heart. We have organized an exclusive pre-meeting event consisting of multiple workshops which teach you how to spend your time wisely.

Struggling with making the most of your time? Make sure to open time in your schedule for one of these workshops. You’ll become a more efficient and better balanced scientist. During this event you get to meet your peers and get a networking jump-start for the NLHI-DCVA meeting.


Limited places available for this pre-meeting and registration occurs on first-come first-serve principle. Please provide us with your first and/or second choice workshop.


Date: June 23, 2022
Location: Gertrudeskapel, Utrecht


Full program

11:30Registration & Coffee
12:00Networking lunch
12:30Opening remarks by Anke Smits
12:45Workshop I: Time management
In this workshop scientists will learn the difference between the time management of a day/week, of a long-term project and of a research program. They learn to analyse the way they spend their time in different ways, which will give them insights into their strong points and also provides options for improving their working method.

Workshop II: Work-life  balance
Many scientists suffer from high work pressure. They are often very motivated to work in science and want to perform really well. At the same time, scientific projects are very complex and it is not always clear when their work will be successful. As a consequence, the balance between work and private life might suffer.
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is about making the right decisions, and working accordingly. This workshop focuses on these choices by coupling long term wishes for life and work to concrete plans and effective time management.
14:45Closing remarks by Jan-Willem Buikema
15:20Transition to Tivoli for DCVA meeting

Registration is closed. All workshops are full.