Mentor Program

After finishing you master’s program, you are faced with the first of many difficult choices: do you want to get a PhD? Regardless of your answer, the path to building a successful career is littered with hard choices and seemingly obscure governmental or institutional regulations. You could figure it all out on your own, which could be a great experience. Or you could reach out to someone in your field who already found a way past your obstacles and who’s experience could easily help you as well. But who would you reach out to?

The Young@Heart Mentor Program was started as a platform for young researchers to get in touch with a relevant mentor. Members of the Young@Heart board and legacy Scientific Council are all available as a mentor. Depending on what kind of input, suggestions, tips, or tricks you are looking for, we will try to find a suitable mentor for you.

How it works:

  1. Think about what your career goals are for the short and/or middle-term.
  2. Decide on what a mentor could do for you.
  3. Browse through the board and Scientific Council members to find a preferred mentor.
  4. If your preferred mentor is not affiliated with Young@Heart, we can still try to facilitate. Please mention that specific (unaffiliated) mentor when registering.
  5. Prepare a short biosketch/profile about yourself.
  6. Register through the form below. Uploading your CV is optional.

Your request will be sent to Young@Heart and we will facilitate matchmaking between you and a mentor (ideally with the preferred mentor). We will reach out to you regarding the progress of the matchmaking. Once the matchmaking is successful, you are in charge. Mentors will be happy to meet (i.e., phone, Zoom, in person), but mentees are expected to take initiative. We will also facilitate moment to meet for mentors/mentees during the Young@Heart events starting in 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact page.

Register for the Mentor Program

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