Young@Heart Board

Diederik Kuster (Amsterdam UMC)Chair

Diederik Kuster is assistant professor at the department of Physiology of Amsterdam UMC. He uses his training is in chemistry, combined with knowledge of physiology and biophysics to unravel disease mechanisms in cardiomyopathies. The main focus of this research is to understand regulation of contraction and relaxation and build new tools to measure this. The chance to guide and inspire young scientist to become independent thinkers with exciting careers in and outside academia is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.


Isabella Kardys (Erasmus MC) Secretary & Grant Development

Isabella Kardys is an MD PhD cardiovascular epidemiologist, and associate professor at the department of cardiology of Erasmus MC. She combines elements from fundamental science with modern epidemiological methodologies to enable personalized risk assessment in patients with cardiovascular disease, and to develop decision making tools that are fit for clinical application. She has a particular interest in the role of serially measured blood biomarkers. She avidly enjoys helping young ambitious investigators to pursue their goals in research and beyond.



Anneline te Riele (UMCU) – Public Relations

Anneline te Riele is a cardiology fellow and clinical scientist at the University Medical Center Utrecht. She is fascinated by sudden cardiac death in inherited cardiomyopathies: an intriguing paradox of a deathly event among those feeling full of life. In her research, she uses advanced data science methods to improve early detection and risk stratification of these diseases. She is committed to promoting the successes of the next generation of cardiovascular talents both in and outside of academic medicine.


Monika Gladka (Hubrecht Institute) – Outreach

Monika Gladka is a senior postdoctoral researcher at the molecular cardiology group at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. Her research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate cardiac repair, intending to identify new players to develop novel, improved gene therapies. She uses several state-of-the-art techniques enabling an in-depth mechanistic understanding of the biological processes involved in heart repair. She understands the struggle that young scientists have to go through to get recognized in the cardiovascular community and is willing to help them to become successful.


Martijn Hoes (UMCG) – Communication & Scientific Council

Martijn Hoes is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Experimental Cardiology at the University Medical Center Groningen. His research is focused on the development of stem cell-based in vitro disease modeling, which can be related to various topics, including cardiac iron deficiency, in vitro hypertrophy, but the focus is on pregnancy-related heart failure and putative molecular pathological mechanisms. He is keen on helping (young) researchers whenever he can and he believes Young@Heart can be the perfect platform for young researchers to meet and discuss ideas about projects, networking, and teamwork.


Past Board Members

  • Rik Vos (Erasmus MC) – LinkedIn
  • Linda van Laake (UMCU) – LinkedIn
  • Faith Arslan (Antonius Ziekenhuis) – LinkedIn
  • Johan Verjans (University of Adelaide)LinkedIn
  • Roland van Kimmenade (Radboud UMC)LinkedIn
  • Anthal Smits (TU/E) – LinkedIn
  • Daan Westenbrink (UMCG) – LinkedIn

Board and Scientific Council Membership 

The board membership is for at least 2 years. To ensure continuity of Y@H, the first term of the current board members may be extended to max. 3 years. The scientific council provides and appoints future candidates. Scientific council members are committed and active participation is expected. Representation of gender and Dutch university medical centers is pursued, but is subjected to the applications.