• Aftermovie: Fall event 2020

    Our last event was a great success. We had inspiring presentations and discussions during our first fully digital event! Take a look behind the scenes in our new video. https://young.heart-institute.nl/wp-content/uploads/2711-Video-1-Young@Heart-v3.mp4

  • Our next event: Communicating your Science

    As scientists are always focused on their research and are usually trained to present their research in a very detailed fashion at a congress or in a paper. But what happens when your grandparents ask about your work? What do you tell them? Only a few of us can produce a clear and concise answer. Most of us need some time to think about it or use such moments to practice explaining what they do in real-time. This is not exclusive to your grandparents, either. Colleagues from a different field often know how science works. But if you cannot make…