Another successful event: April 2021

Most researchers know that talking to a general public about their project is not an easy task. It requires some skills and you need to understand your audience. Of course, these skills can be taught. Our recent event was completely themed our this topic: “communicating your science”. We invited speakers from very different walks of (scientific) life to talk about their experiences and perspectives, ranging from a professor of Public understanding of Science to the Head of Science at the NRC/podcast host and patients who discussed their needs. Considering the registrations and feedback, the event was a huge success! For a recap, please have a look at the event page.

Our home for the day...
...professionally converted to a studio.

We were also happy to see a great turnout for the event. A total of 130 community members registered for the event with at least 70 participants at any given time during the day. Nationally, all universities were represented by the participants, but we were also happy to welcome people from the Dutch Heart Foundation, the VrouwenHart Foundation, and several non-UMC hospitals.  Moreover, one advantage of organizing an event digitally is that international participants could also attend and we had active participants from Germany, the US, and Indonesia.

Stay tuned for our next event covering the topic of dealing with setbacks on the 26th of November 2021!