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Mentor program

Click here for the current list: NL-HI YoungAtHeart Mentors 31Jan2017

Early career scientists highly depend on directions provided by their mentor in establishing a successful career. Mentors usually include the trainees principal investigator or formal advisor. However, in addition to the advice and training of direct supervisors, it can also be beneficial to have a mentor outside the direct line of authority. An experienced third party mentor can play an essential role in career development by providing independent guidance and advice.

Young@Heart recognizes the importance of a professional mentor-mentee relationship. The success of such a relationship is two-sided and requires commitment from both the mentee and the mentor. To help dedicated early career cardiovascular scientists in their pursue to find a committed mentor outside their own institute, we have established the Young@Heart Mentor program. We have created a national network of mentors, who are successful academic cardiovascular investigators from both the clinical and pre-clinical area at different stages of their careers.

Junior scientists participating in the Y@H mentor program can choose a suitable mentor from the list at NL-HI YoungAtHeart Mentors 31Jan2017 and approach this person (either directly or via the NLHI secretary - see below). After a match, the mentor and mentee can have contact via email or phone, but are encouraged to have at least two personal meetings per year to stimulate effective mentorship. Please let us know how it is going, through an email to the secretary (see below).

Searching Y@H mentors

Would you like to be a mentor within the Young@Heart framework? Please send the answers to the question below to Femke Onwezen (Netherlands Heart Institute) (  , with an optional short CV. We’ll make sure you will be listed on this page. The mentees (PhD students and Postdocs) will be working in the cardiovascular research area in the Netherlands. Moreover, laureates from the Dekker grants of the Dutch Heart Foundation will be specifically encouraged to find themselves a good mentor.
  • Subject ='Aanmelding mentor'
  • Content:
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Current position / Title
    • Affiliation
    • Do you perform mainly clinical or non-clinical work
    • Most remarkable aspects of career/life (for example: visits abroad, grants, societal activities, business)
    • Why would you need a mentor (and why me)
    • Optionally, you may add a short CV
...and send to Femke Onwezen, Netherlands Heart Institute

Looking forward to your contributions!