Communicating Science Contest November 2018

The Communicating Science Contest at our Y@H event "Meet your Motivation" was a great success!

The applicants were asked to communicate their science in a short abstract in lay language, and subsequently pitch their research to "their grandmother" (i.e. a lay audience). The jury selected 5 researchers to present their research.

The winners were:
  • 1st prize: Suzanne Koch (TU/e, "Locally grown blood vessels - as literally as possible")
  • 2nd prize: Rio Juni (VUMc, "Empagliflozin to relax a stiff heart")
  • 3rd prize: Larissa Dorsch (VUMc, "Garbage collectors of the heart on strike")
  • Finalist: Floor Groepenhoff (UMCU, "ARGUS: A better and faster diagnosis for patients with chest pain")
  • Finalist: Sophie Bots (UMCU, "Heart failure medication and side effects in women: a call for action")
  • The prizes were €600, €300, and €100 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, respectively.

    Congratulations to all!

    If you would like to stay informed about this and future events, send an email to register on the Young@Heart email list: , and check out

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