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Members 2018

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Young@Heart Board

  • Rik Vos (Erasmus MC / TU Delft) - chair
  • Linda van Laake (UMCU)
  • Daan Westenbrink (UMCG)
  • Isabella Kardys (Erasmus MC)
  • Anthal Smits (TU/E)

Young@Heart Scientific Council

  • Daniel Pijnappels LUMC
  • Kim van der Heiden Erasmus MC
  • Ralph van Oort AMC
  • Bas Kietselaer MUMC
  • Blanche Schroen MUMC
  • Koen Reesink MUMC
  • Elza van Deel VuMC
  • Kevin Damman
  • Sailay Siddiqi (Radboud UMC)
Previous board members:
  • Roland van Kimmenade (Radboud UMC / MUMC)
  • Johan Verjans (UMCU)
Board and Scientific Council Membership The board membership is for at least 2 years. To ensure continuity of Y@H, the first term of the current board members may be extended to max. 3 years. The scientific council provides and appoints future candidates. Scientific council members are committed and active participation is expected. Representation of gender and Dutch university medical centers is pursued, but is subjected to the applications.